My Jeep is red. What should I name her?

My Jeep is red. What should I name her?

So you bought a red Jeep. One that stands out in a crowd! She looks hot, is eye catching, and she needs a name that fits her fiery personality. There are countless names that may be fitting, some that relate to the color red, and some that are more "unique" to your Jeep's personality.

If you're looking for a few ideas to get the ideas flowing, look no further. We've provided a list of 50 Jeep names for ol' red to get you started.

  1. Crimson Cruiser
  2. Scarlet Thunder
  3. Ruby Racer
  4. Cardinal Adventure
  5. Cherry Bomb
  6. Maroon Maverick
  7. Fiery Fox
  8. Garnet Gladiator
  9. Vermilion Vagabond
  10. Burgundy Blaze (or just Blaze)
  11. Rouge Renegade
  12. Brick Brawler
  13. Candy Apple
  14. Tomato Tango
  15. Mahogany Trailblazer
  16. Flame Fury
  17. Berry Burst
  18. Merlot Mercenary
  19. Magenta Wanderer
  20. Bordeaux Bandit
  21. Cranberry Charger
  22. Sangria Seeker
  23. Chili Pepper
  24. Raspberry Roamer
  25. Sunset Sprinter
  26. Coral Cruiser
  27. Pomegranate Pathfinder
  28. Rusty Roadster
  29. Copper Canyon
  30. Braveheart Burgundy
  31. Hibiscus Hero
  32. Lava Lancer
  33. Cherry Charmer
  34. Candy Crawler
  35. Strawberry Storm
  36. Wine Warrior
  37. Cayenne Conqueror
  38. Mars Rover
  39. Cerise Crusader
  40. Chianti Challenger
  41. Vermilion Victory
  42. Red Rocketeer
  43. Barn Red Bandit
  44. Flaming Fury
  45. Rosewood Rider
  46. Paprika Patriot
  47. Cabernet Crusader
  48. Salsa Sprinter
  49. Ruby Roadster
  50. Beetle Blazer

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