How Rebel Decal Was Born and Raised

Imagine sitting in a sea of mom vans with little stick figure families, as a  '95 Chevy Silverado with a 9 inch lift roars past with it's huge Roughy and #fxckyourfeelings decals. Sure, some people gave crazy looks, but even more people wanted to know where those crazy stickers came from.

A few decals later, and the realization that there were actually a TON more people, like us, looking for stickers with an attitude. With that idea in mind, the perfect designs were created (for all of the rebels and hippies of the world), the best equipment and vinyl was purchased, and a site was launched to host all of The Rebel Decals that could be made.

Fast forward a few years… A 5’ tall brunette with a big attitude and no filter and her business guru husband enter the scene. Her Camaro SS convertible was traded for a lifted Jeep Wrangler with wide-ass tires (and steps to help her get in) and Rebel Decal was transitioned to new owners.

And that's how Rebel Decal was born and raised. We're the ones your parents warned you about. And we won't ever apologize.

Want something you don't see in our categories? No problem! We can design literally anything. 

Head on over to the CUSTOM DECAL page and let us know what you'd like. Be sure to follow the instructions.

Brad and Cara-Lisa Leatherman

Owners, The Rebel Decal

Rebel Decals: Stickers With An Attitude

From decals in support of the country we love, to decals that show the world just how we do things, there's something for every rebel. And if you have something specific in mind, we'll make it for you. Go check out our entire collection.

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